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Solution for MemoryLoadLibrary failed loading wx\_core_.pyd

Sat Jul 21, 2007 1:32 am

I've seen a few people on this forum have this problem when trying to launch Subdownloader:

Code: Select all

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 20, in ?
  File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 78, in load_module
  File "wx\__init__.pyo", line 44, in ?
  File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 78, in load_module
  File "wx\_core.pyo", line 4, in ?
  File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 91, in load_module
ImportError: MemoryLoadLibrary failed loading wx\_core_.pyd

This happened to me on a fresh install of Windows XP with SP2 and the latest hotfixes. However, it didn't happen on my older PC. Strange, usually it's the other way around! Anyway, the solution for me was to download msvcp71.dll and put it in the program directory.

Note that there is also an msvcr71.dll which IS included with Subdownloader 1.2.9. This isn't the same thing.

Here's a place you can download it freely. ... ml?msvcp71 If it's down, just Google around for another download site.

Hope this helps some people. Bye!

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Sun Jul 22, 2007 9:47 pm

thanks a lot for suggestion - fix. Can somebody confirm this is working ? I will put this into FAQ then.

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Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:03 pm

I can confirm that this works. I had the same problem, and tried to download this .dll. Application reported a error at startup afterwards, but works like a charm anyway.

Great application, btw!

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Tue Jan 29, 2008 12:55 am

Confirmed, works
pd:i love you

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Tue Jan 29, 2008 1:14 am

this is also long time in FAQ: viewtopic.php?t=145

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Wed Jul 09, 2008 4:37 am

Subdownloader 2.0 should have fixed that problem. Please try it out.

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