OpenSubtitles Showing Incorrect Subtitles

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OpenSubtitles Showing Incorrect Subtitles

Post by farukhcasy2 »


I'm currently watching S2 of GoT via Yoda on a Firestick. I've downloaded OpenSubtitles, however when I download subtitles for an episode (e.g. S2E1), I'm getting subtitles which don't match the episode and are for a different ep altogether.

I've tried going down the list and trying different ones but they all seem to be the same. The name of the subtitle files match the episode name but it's as though it's actually pulling a subtitle file for another episode.

Has anyone experienced this before or does anyone know of a fix?

Many thanks.
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Re: OpenSubtitles Showing Incorrect Subtitles

Post by scooby007 »


No doubt some may be wrong, but with around 40 subtitles per episode, it's impossible to check and compare which are wrong and which are correct. But from my investigation, I feel some episodes were released by different groups, so depending on the group, the start of some episodes were and did used to be different. Depending on the fact if they are showing a recap scene from the previous episodes or not, etc.

Example, the following two subtitles are definitely for the same episode, but if you click and check under "show preview", the text starts differently for both files.

Sub 1: ... members-en
Sub 2: ... members-en

Maybe that's what you are experiencing, but we wouldn't be able to help you get the right sub for your release via Firestick. Your option would be to go through the entire list, one subtitle would eventually fit your specific timing and set. I'm guessing manually using the site wouldn't be an option.
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Re: OpenSubtitles Showing Incorrect Subtitles

Post by redliontwo »

Are you sure it's the subtitles that is the wrong ep, or could it be the video yoda is finding is wrong/mislabelled?
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