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Limited Download subtitles

Tue Dec 24, 2019 6:07 pm

Why can't I download the subtitles after I download a couple of them? So stupid I can't download them I need. Oh geez

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Re: Limited Download subtitles

Wed Dec 25, 2019 8:52 am

First of all, forum posts need to be approved by an admin before they appear. Please be patient and do not double post.
Secondly, bad words and swearing and so doesn't really help to get an answer to your question.
So I have declined your second post.

But hey, I understand the need for hearing impaired people and it's Christmas, so:

What is "a couple"? The limit is 200 subtitles per day.

Maybe you downloaded all subs for a season of some tv series. For example, the first season of Game of Thrones in Dutch is already around 120 subtitles. All English subs is more than 280. So if you click to download the whole season, you are already exceeding the daily limit:


The solution would be to download only the subs you need, instead of all subs available.

If you are using a VPN, it's probably a shared IP address and downloads of others add up to it. Also, that specific IP could have some additional restrictions if it was abused by others in the past.

Then a possible solution would be to change VPN server.
Anyway it's always better to download while being logged in, so the counter is connected to your account instead of your IP and some restrictions are bypassed.

You can also consider becoming a VIP member. For VIP members the limit is much higher.

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Re: Limited Download subtitles

Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:52 pm

I don't know what the 200 limits are, you won't even get that much in a month, let alone a day. I have never seen limits, even as for the big season of movie series I downloaded. There are really no limits for a living person

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