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Linking moviehash to an existing subtitleId?

Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:30 pm

I went through the all the APIs, but I could not find a way to explicitly link a movie byte signature (movie hash + byte size) to an existing subtitle downloaded from

Here is what we are trying to do:
1. Application uses OS search API to get subtitles for a given movie byte signature --> the API returns an empty result set.
2. Application uses OS search API to get subtitles using imdb id --> the API returns a list of matching results
3. User will try the subtitles returned one by one:
3.a If the subtitle is matching the movie file, the user is expected to send positive feedback "yes! this subtitles is a match for this movie file" - at this point the app would like to be sending that feedback to the API by linking the movie byte signature to the subtitle identifier
3.b If not a match, the user will just go to the next subtitle
4. The next time the search API is used to get subtitles from the movie byte signature, the API should return a non-empty result set (everyone wins)

I suspect that the TryUploadSubtitles API may in fact achieve this result, but the API description does not mention the API having any side-effect, it's only described as a check before performing an upload.

Is it possible to link a movie byte signature to a specific subtitle from

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Re: Linking moviehash to an existing subtitleId?

Sat Jun 10, 2017 1:55 pm

Hi sorry to be not clear.

TryuploadSubtitles() was designed exactly for that. If subtitlehash exists and we dont have moviehash, then moviehash is linked to subtitle...

You can try it. Also it is good to mention, that subtitlehash will be different (in SearchResults and actual subtitle hash), because we are often adding some texts there. But we keep track of this, so it should work even with different subtitle hash

Dont worry, register, and upload subtitles, then you can update link...and then you can delete that subtitles if you want.

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Re: Linking moviehash to an existing subtitleId?

Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:09 am

That is great, Thanks! I will look into incorporating TryuploadSubtitles() into our app :)

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