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English to German Translate Group for Cinemovies

Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:58 am

I find it would be cool if here some guys wo want to translate English Movies where avaible in good Quality translate the srt to german mean films like 22 jump street or other films where the movie is aviable in good quality.
Would be anyone in i thaugt would be cool if we are group from 6-8 people so would be go the translating very fast if a movie has 960lines ever person have 120-150 lines to translate.

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Re: English to German Translate Group for Cinemovies

Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:30 pm


I'm Desertkid. I don't know if your request is still up to date, but I really do like the idea of translating English text/subs into German. For most movies there exist no German subtitles. Before I give you more information about myself, I first want to know if you are still looking for collaborators. So let me know by sending a email : [email address removed by Funchalense]


Ich heiße Desertkid. Ich weiß nicht ob Deine Anfrage noch aktuell ist, aber ich finde die Idee deutsche Untertitel zu produzieren eine gute Sache. Für die meisten deutschen Filme gibt es einfach keine Untertitel. Bevor ich mehr über mich erzähle, möchte ich erst wissen, ob Du überhaupt noch Mitarbeiter suchst. So lass es mich bitte wissen und schicke einfach eine Mail an: [email address removed by Funchalense]

[Edit Funchalense]
I have removed the email address of desertkid for privacy reasons.

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Re: English to German Translate Group for Cinemovies

Tue Jan 05, 2016 3:17 pm

If the newkinds or someone wants the help of desertkid to collaborate in translating English text/subs into German, contact the desertkid by private message.
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