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movie source: scam?

Mon Feb 24, 2020 4:17 am

has anyone created an account and been granted access via the 'watch online' links in many movie titles called which redirects to what looks like a scam?


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Re: movie source: scam?

Mon May 18, 2020 4:33 pm

Late reply. is a clear scam the more you look into it. For one, it's likely that you were redirected there by a very shady website (especially considering your recommendations for movies)., on registration, brings very little to the table and under a completely new name as well. You'll see it offers incredibly few movies and mostly books. And also has zero mention of
But there's more:
This may just be nitpicky as I'm a security developer, but as fas as the "many titles it claims it has," try this website:
(Likely IP grabber, use a VPN before visiting!)
The "&q" is the title of the movie. Try changing it yourself!
oh yeah also i took full control of the website with cross-site scripting, though i can't link it directly because this website has good security, check that out at this url shortened link: A thing that redirects to an XSS-d

What's the actual scam?
Likely an IP grabber, tracks data of you (if you view network debugger it tracks every single click you make), tries to get you to actually purchase something after registering (then stealing payment method or at least money, of course), but most importantly takes e-mail:password. A real e-mail alone is enough for many specific hackers to get in your account (depending on the service you use), however if you also use your password, you're basically GIVING them your email and password information. This is likely the main scam, masquerading as maybe even a totally different scam to get your money.

Cheers, hope you read this, have a nice day!

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Re: movie source: scam?

Sat May 23, 2020 10:36 am

Indeed this is a paid service, vod streaming mainly, and others multimedia features.

As for stealing payment method - that's a total bullshit. I signed up, the service was legit, and had some interesting content.

I used the seven days free trial, and canceled the membership, it was very easy and I had all the contact information for this company.

They actually been very helpful and friendly.

I guess we all need to understand we getting a free content, lots of times with copyright issues, and ads are probably the only way for those sites to earn some money for their business and hard work they do. ..
Without those advertisers I guess we couldn't find any free content across the web.

Personally, I prefer this ads, it's much better than sites with annoying unlimited pop-up with sexual offers.

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