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FlixTools 2.4 is released!

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:22 pm
by MarcoTC
We've release FlixTools 2.4
You can download it here:

- If you haven't tried it yet, why don't you try the free version?

- If you own a product key, upgrades are always free and your product key is automatically detected when you run the new version.

- Fix: Various bug fixes
- New: Indonesian Localization Languages
- Fix: Localization language updates
- New: Added original filename in iTunes comment tag
- Change: Option-? shortcuts changed to Ctrl-?. Right click an item to see shortcuts.
- New: Shortcuts to open items in other tabs. (E.g. Ctrl-S to open an item in Sync or Ctrl-Shift-S for all)
- New: Move original files to trash after conversion (Advanced Settings in Add to iTunes)
- New: Error sound when trying to set a sync duration causing the subtitles to go below 0