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Tip #4: Opening Files in Different Ways

Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:05 pm

There are several different ways to open Files with Flixtools.

- Use the standard File => Open... from the top menu

- Use the 'Select Videos...' or 'Select Subtitles...' buttons you'll find everywhere.

- Use the Plus (+) buttons under the File lists.

- In Finder, right click a Video or Subtitle and select Open With => FlixTools

- Drag and Drop Files or Folders into FlixTools.

- Drag and Drop Files or Folders on the Program Icon.

If you open a Folder instead of a File, it will scan the entire Subfolder -Tree to search for Videos or Subtitles.

If you use 'Open With' (in Finder) or Drop files on the Program Icon, you can define within Preferences what function the File(s) should open in.


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