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Tip #3: Manual IMDb & Smart Search

Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:01 am

The FlixTools Manual Search is very powerful.

You can use it in two ways.

- The First Search Box at the top (called IMDb Search), searches directly on It will show you the same Movies and TV Shows you'll see when using the Search Box on directly.
The result you select is used to find Subtitles based on the IMDb ID.

- The second one (called Smart Search) guesses what you're looking for and can also be used to search for TV Episodes.

Some 'Smart Search' examples are:

- The Matrix 2003
- The Matrix Reloaded
- Reloaded

All these searches will return the Movie The Matrix Reloaded. There are more movies with Reloaded in it's name (and even another Matrix in 2003) but it returns the most popular.

TV Shows:
- Walking
- The Walking Dead
- Dead

All these searches will return the TV Shows The Walking Dead. There are more TV Shows with Walking or Dead in it's name but (same as above) it returns the most popular.

TV Episodes:
- The Flash S01E04
- Flash The 0104
- The Flash Season 1 Episode 4

All these searches all return the Subtitles for The Flash, Season 1, Episode 4

You can also drag & drop in a Video file. By doing that, it doesn't only look at the Filename but also looks inside the file to see if there is some usable Metadata that can be used for the search.

Try it! It's really smart. :)


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