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TIP #2: IMDb ID's for Movies, TV Shows or Episodes

Wed Jul 27, 2016 2:20 am

In many of it's functions, FlixTools uses IMDb ID's.

Although there are more types, FlixTools uses these 3:

1: IMDb Movie ID
A Movie ID is just what it says it is. Each Movie has it's own unique IMDb ID

2: IMDb TV Show ID
This is the IMDb ID of the TV Show itself. Not a particular Episode. Normally, this ID contains general information about the TV Show but there is no Video or Subtitle for it. FlixTools uses this ID to find the Episodes for this TV Show.

3: IMDb Episode ID
Each TV Episode has it's own, unique IMDb Episode ID. And all Episodes from the same TV Show share the same TV Show ID. (See above)

For example:
- If you do a Manual IMDb Search within FlixTools, it will search for Movies and TV Shows. This means that the results will be a mixture of Movies ID's and TV Shows ID's. But not Episodes.
- So if you select a Movie, you're done.
- If you select a TV Show, it won't show you Subtitles just yet. First you need to select an Episode for that TV Show.


See? Super easy and super fast. :)

If you have questions, suggestions, problems or anything else, don't hesitate to post them here or email [email protected]

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