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Afkriminaliser Cannabis SØGER HJÆLP

Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:13 pm

Hello members of

We need somebody who can help us create fine danish subtitles to english videos about cannabis.
The videos are short, max 10 minutes. But some words are confusing cause most of it came from scientists.
Vi har altså brug for nogen som kan hjælpe os med at lave nogle fine danske undertekster til engelske videoer.
Videoerne er korte, max 10 minutter. Men nogle af ordene kan være ret forvirrende at oversætte, fordi videoerne er lavet af forskere.

Help the figth for freedom and Cannabis in Denmark. Hjælp os i kampen for frihed og Cannabis i Danmark.
Afkriminalisere Cannabis
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Re: Afkriminaliser Cannabis SØGER HJÆLP

Tue Jul 14, 2015 10:34 pm

I think this is almost a 'request', which then should be made on the request section. But okay, maybe this is a bit different, so I have approved your post.

The facebook link is broken ("...or the page may have been removed").
Hm... A big hallelujah for OpenFacebook ;-)

Further, it would help if you provide a link to the actual video file you would want to have subbed. I mean an AVI or MP4 or whatever file.
Also, a subtitle file (if it exists) with the Danish text, so anybody who wants to help, only needs to translate (instead of making an entire subtitle file from scratch - all timings is a bunch of extra work).

The post above has been edited by TS. There is now a link to the video. And also the facebook link works.

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