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[FAQ] FlixTools or other program can not Authenticate

Thu Jan 20, 2022 7:22 am

Hello all,

we are working hard to reply to hundreds of emails, updating and securing site, and also do the changes which are backward compatible because of recent hack... Some applications implemented sending user passwords in MD5() unsalted password as we have according our DOCS @ ... LRPC#LogIn

We deleted all MD5 stored passwords, so we lost this information in DB. In order to get these applications working make these steps (if you register new account, change password and so on MD5 password should be created and SECURELY stored from now):

1) log out from
2) log in to (here is MD5 of password created and SECURELY stored)
3) make sure you use same credentials (username/password from previous point) in the program you are using.

List of KNOWN programs affected:
  • FlixTools
    OpenSubtitles Uploader (version 2.5.0 and older)
    FileBot - older than 4.9.5 (r9072)
If you know about other programs, let us know.

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