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How to log in with Popcorn, MPC-HC, MX Player, VLC, Kodi, etc.

Wed Apr 29, 2020 7:35 am

Some time ago we took the decision to allow API use only for logged-in users. However, not all software support logging in. Here are some hacks to be able to log in anyway. For all solutions, keep in mind to use the login credentials for (thus NOT the login for this forum, that's something else).

► Logging in with Popcorn-Time
(Thanks to NeleEoin for this solution)

You need to enter your login data into the source code of Popcorn-Time, like this:

• Open the location "C:\Users\your pc name\AppData\Local\Popcorn-Time\src\app"
• Right click on "settings.js" and choose from the popup "open with", and choose Notepad.
• Scroll down until you find this:

// OpenSubtitles
Settings.opensubtitlesAutoUpload = true;
Settings.opensubtitlesAuthenticated = ;false;
Settings.opensubtitlesUsername = "";
Settings.opensubtitlesPassword ="";`

• Now change the second line to "true" and fill in your username and password on the next lines:

// OpenSubtitles
Settings.opensubtitlesAutoUpload = true;
Settings.opensubtitlesAuthenticated = true;
Settings.opensubtitlesUsername = "your username";
Settings.opensubtitlesPassword = "your password";`

► Logging in with MPC-HC
(Thanks to LhOuzrJtC3 for this solution)

Note: Take in account MPC-HC has been discontinued since 2017 so don't expect support from them. Bug tracker disappeared. I know there are some other forks coming from MPC, options may differ. I'm using 1.7.13 x64 which I believe was the latest version.

• Open MPC-HC and go to View/Options (or just press O), then in the tree select Subtitles/Misc.
• You will see the list of sites to use when searching for subtitles with MPC-HC.
• Right click in OpenSubtitles and click "Setup", it will ask for username and password for the site.
• Now, I'm using Windows 10 and the input dialog is from Windows Security which I had never seen until now. It may be different in other windows versions.
• Apply and close. Done.

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Re: How to log in with Popcorn, MPC-HC, MX Player, VLC, Kodi, etc.

Wed Apr 29, 2020 11:35 am

► Logging in with MX-Player

It seems you got some problem with ► Logging in with MX Player and subtitles.
The best how you can fix the issue is do following:

1) make sure you can login on - so you know your username and password
2) open MX Player on your Android device, go to menu:
Subtitle -> Online Subtitles -> Search and tap on ""
3) fill your username and password and tap OK

Now you should be able to download subtitles from MX Player



Extensions -> VLSub -> Show Config




maybe good to write for plex, subzero, bazarr

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Re: How to log in with Popcorn, MPC-HC, MX Player, VLC, Kodi, etc.

Wed Apr 29, 2020 11:40 am

MPC-HC 1.9.2. the same thing


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Re: How to log in with Popcorn, MPC-HC, MX Player, VLC, Kodi, etc.

Tue May 12, 2020 7:54 pm

slaks wrote:MPC-HC 1.9.2. the same thing


Yes, due to this I noticed one of the developers has been doing some bugfixing, which is the version you are currently using, this version hasnt been updated in the official site.

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Re: How to log in with Popcorn, MPC-HC, MX Player, VLC, Kodi, etc.

Tue Jul 14, 2020 7:46 pm


Thank you, this helped.

This is the link to register:

Doesn't accept the forum login as noted in this thread

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