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Problem with my subtitles

Sun Mar 12, 2023 1:29 pm

Hello everyone, I got a problem with my subtitles and I hope that you can help me. My subtitles are working on my computer, but when I put my USB into TV and play movie there, subtitles are no longer working. For an example: subtitles should display on 00:01:32, and they do when I play the movie on a computer, but on TV they're displaying 4 seconds earlier. Does anyone know the solution for this problem? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Problem with my subtitles

Tue Mar 14, 2023 3:34 pm


So it still works, it's just the subs are out of sync on the TV but not on the PC?

1: If so, make sure the format of the subtitles aren't different to what you had and used before this problem occurred and that their format is compatible with your TV software.

2: Certain TV's have a sync feature where you can shift the subs back/forth. Maybe you have accidentally set this setting as "4 seconds earlier?" If not, then use that setting from your TV and just move the subtitles to 4 seconds later.

Other than those simple steps, I'm clueless as to why that would happen.

Hope that helps.
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