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downloading entire seasons of closed captioning sub only

Sun Jan 22, 2023 1:16 am

i know how to get entire seasons download ( with only english subs but what i really want is to download only closed captioning subtitles. i like to download entire seasons but not if there are 3 or 4 different ones per episode and i am only interested in the CC ones. all i can figure out is listing every episode from a season that's CC but then you can only download one at a time instead of entire seasons one once.

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Re: downloading entire seasons of closed captioning sub only

Sun Jan 22, 2023 8:03 am

I myself download and extract all the texts of the entire production season into an empty folder. I then use a search term (e.g. *.srt) and take only the ones I want. I delete the others.

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Re: downloading entire seasons of closed captioning sub only

Sun Jan 22, 2023 12:13 pm

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