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Help please with Ukrainian subtitle translating/ overwriting

Posted: Sat May 07, 2022 1:46 pm
by cezarcovataru
Hello, good people. I'm Cezar, Romanian living in UK since 8 years. For me, English and American movies was the fastest and ease way to learn / improving my English. Firstly, watching movies with Romanian subtitles; then after, using 2 subtitles, bottom and top (BSPlayer do this), Romanian and English. After that, watching using English subtitles only; finally no subtitles now.
My dad was born in Ukraine. I feel about Ukrainian people being somehow like a part of my family. Nowadays, more and more people fleeing from war, including to UK. I try to do something to help. In my case that way to learn English it was efficient; but I'm becoming from a country where the English is like a second natural choice. For Ukrainians, is more harder (how many of you knows Ukrainian, or Russian? or even Greek?) That's my point.
I try to find some subtitle files online, here and not only. But all I find it was just a few. So, I tried to open the Sub file with Notepad, then Select All, Copy, Paste in a Google translate web window; then Copy the Ukrainian translation and Paste in another Txt document (or just overwriting the Romanian or English text in the original Sub file). But that is not working. I don't know how to do this.
In other cases, I found some Ukrainian subtitles online (Moonstruck, Ghost Busters Afterlife) but my most used player (BS Player) didn't show properly, despite the Font is set as Cyrilic. If I use other players to play the same movie (Windows Movie Player and VLC) it shows; but I cannot increase the font size on screen, like using BS Player. Many refugee people having no computers, they using mainly their mobile phones; so I need to use bigger font size to be able to read them on 6 or 7 inches display.
For just a few movies, I succeeded to record the screen in order to assembly the video, sound and subtitles together; then I compressed that big file (about 20 to 30GB) in a much smaller using Ashampoo Srink and Burn, to less than 1GB; then uploading on Facebook or Dropbox or Mega.
But I have a few more good movies (Overboard1987, The Three fugitives, Nothing to lose) and any struggle to do this was unsuccesfully.
Kindly thans to everyone will helping me with this.