An upload is not being listed on my page

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An upload is not being listed on my page

Post by Nicholas0 »

I recently updated my translation for Ceremony of Disbanding (1967), as you can see here: ... n-shiki-en
For some reason, it is now been removed from my list of uploads here: ... -nicholas0
The list is only showing the Japanese subtitles that I uploaded, not the English subtitles that I worked so hard to translate. How can this be fixed?
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Re: An upload is not being listed on my page

Post by SmallBrother »

I see that subtitle in your list:


But that list is a bit buggy, at least with the URL you are using. That is an old URL (bookmarked or so?) and you should better use the link on your profile page "Uploads". That link is always correct and up-to-date.
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