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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:27 pm

[Edit SmallBrother]
For the record: The topic starter (username "Subbetje") has deleted his account and all of his posts. While we can only guess WHY Subbetje did that, it makes this topic a bit weird to read and understand. However, with the replies of the other users, a good reader will be able to conclude a part of the nonsense written by Subbetje.

First reply post:

First of all, since this issue is not about the new .com site, I moved your post to this dedicated topic, made especially for you.

It seems like you are on a mission (again), that's why you write in the English section of the forum, while we both speak Dutch and you know exactly who is removing certain comments, aren't you?

And once again, you are making a couple of thinking mistakes and factual errors. To be honest, it's getting quite tiresome to keep on replying to false drama yelling, but once again I will do it, although it may be the last time I'll spend my time on your 'mission'.
stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles.
Not every comment is being removed. Comments with thank-you's and subtitle requests are being removed systematically. Other comments basically remain.
In the dutch section, people's thank you messages are deleted, that's okay, i guess since we have a thank you button, but also people asking for a resync to different sources are being removed.
If you understand why thank-you's are being removed (to avoid flooding while there is a dedicated thank-you-button) and you think that's okay, you may understand as well why subtitle requests are being removed (to avoid flooding while there is a dedicated request section). I don't understand why you think this is not okay.
People are having a hard time as it is following 'rules and guidelines'. People hardly know what they can type anymore.
I am wondering where you get your info from. Did you do any survey amongst users about this? If so, please state your sources, the methodology, the research population and conclusional outcome.
Personally I have the impression that in general people know it well enough: no thank-you's, no subtitle requests and no aggression, intimidation, provocations, privacy/security violations, etc..

The latter is common sense and seems to be no problem with most users, a few exceptions here and there, now and then. Like for example with you, see ... -rule-1-nl

As for comment-written thank you's and requests, true, some users seem to be not aware. This is when those comments are deleted and, if it happens more often, that user will be explained kindly and well.
The activity level is near dead as it is
I don't think activity level is nearly dead. Would you rather see zillions of thank-you's and requests? That would not be "alive", I would call it "flooded" and actually I think exactly that flooding would actually kill other communication.
and now we can't even properly help people, because their questions are being removed without any help given. ... discussion
You almost made me cry ;-)
I am sorry, but you are turning things upside down while twisting them. it is much harder to help people, when/if the comment system is flooded. Help is not frustrated by removing requests in comments. On the contrary, this is how to keep space for (for example) real help questions. If you want to help people with requests, you can find some work to do in the request section. Other help IS given through the comment system (amongst other means as well).
and please don't give me the 'users should message each other on their profiles'. Users hardly know they have a profile. There is no notification system that notifies when someone sends you a message on your profile either. it's a completely random wishfull thinking scenario to avoid issues and doing an admins task. Users have no clue they even have a profile, only old ones might know, by accident, totally random.
Stop being so hard on newer people.
No, I will not give you that. New users get a great benefit of the doubt and beginners privileges and are not treated as veterans. Users DO get notifications on comments UNLESS they actively switch this system off or use some kind of fake or unmonitored e-mail address.

It's totally okay for users to use the comment system to communicate. That's what it is for. Once again, some examples of useful and sense making communication, which I posted before in your other SmallBrother scandalizing topic: ... e-truth-nl ... outpost-nl ... cognome-nl ... ode-2-1-nl ... ode-1-2-nl ... ode-1-3-nl

Ironically, in the example you give, the user making a request is gellimo. On his/her profile page you can see that 1. I asked him/her before about using the request section for requests, 2. he/she has read this and 3. today I explained/asked again. All in very kind and calm tone. And with reference to a very well explaining forum topic.

So I have no idea what you want to prove with your example. Proving that "users hardly know"? Apparently some do. Proving that I removed a comment with a request? No need to prove that. I don't deny, I did it and I will do it again. Unlike some people I don't run away for my own actions and typically my actions are well overthought.

So, I think I replied to your issue well enough. And I think there is not so much left of your arguments.

It makes me wonder what is your REAL issue and why you are posting here what you are posting.
- Are you upset that I don't choose sides in your 80 year war with your rivaling release team?
- Or maybe worse, you think I am on the side of your rivaling release team?
- You are upset that SubbedNinja is admin and you think I made him admin?
- Is this maybe again a very tactical attempt to put my adminship in bad lighting, trying to weaken my position and strengthen yours?
- Do you think I will change my behavior in favor of you to avoid further similar 'genuine forum posts'?
- Maybe a combination of the above?

Be advised, if the Dutch section ever needs an additional or even new admin, I am sure the big boss will definitely think about you. However, I don't think a user on his (literally) 17th known account, who was banned a couple of times before for aggression (etc.) and deliberately falsifying credits (to mention just a few historical facts) will make a great chance.

Now please answer my questions (for a change).
Thank you.

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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:37 pm

You boys from the Netherlands, huh? I know a nice place down in Amsterdam.
How about we all meet there and smoke a "peace pipe" together.
My shout, buckos!

Flooding, smudding.
Just let a few "thank you" comments be, laddie. Compromise. Become besties. Make love, not war.

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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Thu Apr 08, 2021 10:39 pm

Just let a few "thank you" comments be, laddie.
Sorry, lad. I know life sucks, but... No thank you's. No requests. Just explained you why. We need our precious space to help people (ask subbetje).
Make love, not war.
Yeah, like The Beatles, I think we should all meet soon, but better somewhere in Goa.... How about this:
• We have a spicy curry Jaipur with some big fat garlic nan in Arambol and do some (drunk/stoned) fire juggling on the beach afterwards. Maybe some 30+ Celcius sea swimming, too. Both swimming and fire juggling go easier after a couple of Pepsi's with Old Monk.
• Next day we do a bike trip on a Royal Enfield to a Netrafali waterfall and maybe do 127 hours of canyoning along the upper Sauri river. Please, do *NOT* cut the rope, subbetje! Really, in real life I am a pretty okay guy!
• On the way back to some sexy beach hut around Palolem or so, we have a small Bel Puri with loads of coriander in Chaudi.
Sounds good?
Last edited by SmallBrother on Fri Apr 09, 2021 12:09 pm, edited 1 time in total.
Reason: Removed an inside joke that could be misunderstood by outsiders.

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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Fri Apr 09, 2021 7:32 pm

From what i see it is not the first time that you complain because of these comments.
Smallbrother has already kindly explained it to you here and in another topic...
Do you want that kind of comments in the subtitles, is it to show that the subtitles have a lot of comments?
And please don't give the "Users have no clue they even have a profile". Whattttt?
Who does know that when clicking on the username are redirected to the profile.
It’s like that on all sites.
I am admin PT / PT and users do not use comments to request sync or subtitles.
For that they can use the option REQUEST, that's what it's for.
After doing that and subtitles are released, they are notified.
See my profile (it's normal for users that upload a lot the profile is full of thanks and request)
Imagine if instead of doing it in the profile, they did it in the comments of the subtitles ...
And often users with recent registration. Then this lame excuse users have no clue they even have a profile falls apart.
But it seems to me that the problem for you is not the comments...
I don't see any problems removing comments like that, and that doesn't make SmallBrother a bad admin.
On the contrary he is always willing to help here in the forum and in the site, no wonder he has been an admni for 10 years.

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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Sat Apr 10, 2021 7:11 am

I will stop all activity indefinitely for as long as SmallBrother is admin for the Dutch section.
Dude, really?
Blackmail only works when there is someone to blackmail.

Do you think you can cause SmallBrother to give up his role as SiteAdmin with such childish behavior?
SmallBrother really takes a lot of time to answer questions and gives very helpful, constructive and detailed answers and support when someone has a problem - even with self-absorbed kids...

No one is infallible, including SmallBrother. It's the nature of the beast.
However, for the period of the last 10 years, I can't recall a single one of his posts striking me as negative in any way.
In contrast, this is the case with you already when reading only two or three of your contributions.
There is no notifcation system.
Maybe you should take a look at your own account and ask yourself what the bell symbol in the menu bar means and why numbers sometimes appear there.

SB, you're wasting your time.
A german proverb says "Travelers should not be stopped."
"I don't believe in God. I just believe in Billy Wilder" - Fernando Trueba

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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Sat Apr 10, 2021 4:06 pm

@ Funchalense, Arcchancellor

Thank you, guys.
Yes, I know it's a waste of time, but hey...

@ Subbetje

Remarkable that you seem to know everything what is going on and why, but (again) come with only vague general statements (to say the least) and (again) nothing backing it. My friend Trump would be jealous.

Back to the issue you seem to care so much about. Indeed a resync was requested. But that's a request, which belongs in the request section. In the comment box the desired release/version can be entered. I already pointed out (with verifiable links) that this specific user is not new at all (7.5 years old), is aware of his profile page, has read and still reads my (or any) comments written there, including the explanation about requests. Another thing I pointed out is that there *IS* a notification system. Users *DO* get an email if any comment was written to them, including a preview of the comment and a link to their profile page or the particular subtitle page:


I am chasing away new users?
If there is ANYBODY protecting and supporting new users, beginner translators, users not knowing, being explainative and patient, it's me. Check out the NL section of the forum, with all beginners topics. Check out my comments (on subtitle pages, not on profile pages, haha), extensively explaining things patiently and kindly, what should be done, why and how. Sometimes even with step-by-step tutorials where to click and what to do.
If I chase away anybody, it's trouble-makers, short-fused drama queens, narcissists, aggressivos and self-proclaimed elitists, who think they can impose their will on others with a big mouth. Sorry man, this will not happen while I am an admin. That's not being Kim Jong-Un, that's being an admin. OpenSubtitles is for everybody, not only for a few with a big mouth.

Users too scared to give their opinion?
I have had people threatening me, calling me quite creative names and godknowswhat. Truth is, I don't care if idiots try to insult me. Can you give me ONE single example where someone gave his opinion about me and I KimJongUnned him or her? What's so scary? What did I do to them? Whatever it is, I guess you may embrace your deep and intense courage for giving YOUR opinion to North-Korean Mr Kim the Second.


I am sorry, mate. I just realized I am now only on line number 5 of your first post. Every single phrase contains heaps of vague and ungrounded and/or twisted nonsense and there is no end in sight. I am sorry, I don't want to spend again hours and hours on refuting and disproving your... eh... statements. As you probably know, I'd rather spend my time on positive users, old and new, needing my help.

However, one more thing is remarkable and probably worth reacting to:
I will stop all activity indefinitely for as long as SmallBrother is admin for the Dutch section.
That looks remarkably much like what user "Fijnproever" said a while ago. I guess you remember Fijnproever, don't you? ;-) Yes, that soldier in your SolidRiver army battling that endless war against your rivaling team. Battling on OpenSubtitles and anywhere where there is a podium to do so.

Fijnproever said he would stop his work as long as SubbedNinja would be admin, because he was connected to you rivaling team. But guess what, there has been no indication whatsoever that SubbedNinja did anything wrong. You recently accused him of deleting Dutch subs which were 'in the way' of your rivaling team (currently going by "Ultimatezombies") and so abusing his admin powers. You blamed me for not doing anything against it. I asked you for an example, but you never gave one. In fact, I found a Dutch subtitle deleted by SubbedNinja, but this was not a competing subtitle by some uploader, but a subtitle uploaded by Ultimatezombies himself! It was deleted because it was a duplicate. This actually proves the OPPOSITE of your accusations. That puts Fijnproever as well as you in the category of manipulative trouble-makers.
(source: my profile page hanktank @ 2021-02-18 11:04:46 and following)

SubbedNinja is not a problem. SmallBrother is not a problem. *YOU* are a problem. Already during 17 usernames.

Subbetje, if you leave us, we will miss your subs, even though the number of downloads is typically only a handful each. Really, we will miss your subs. But we will NOT miss YOU and your crafty manipulative dramas full of lies and empty of proof.

Dearest hugs,
Kim II.

So I guess our holiday together in Goa is off?
In that case, please allow me to sing a song for you: ... p4.mp4.mp4

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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Sun Apr 11, 2021 4:23 pm

Some people think that uploading a lot of subtitles makes them more important than others. So important that they think they can force platforms to adjust to their thinking or even blackmail moderators to prove their right.
Newsflash for these people: platforms like OS or others are not a democracy!

These are run by admins and moderators. They make the final decision, if you like it or not. There are no courts or ways to -as a uploader or user- to change policies or way how the platform operate. If you want change? Start your own platform.

I feel SmallBrother is fair and straight forward. He (I guess he is a he) is willing to spend a lot of time to explain and express his reasons for why and how. It’s amazing how much time he is willing to spend on this topic to comment on the writing of subbetje.

I also upload on OS. And yes, I also like to receive nice comments on my work. But if the platforms feels the “Thank You button” or “Request Button” has to be used and is preferred, that their choice and has to be respected, also by me.

If I was a moderator on this website and if I was confronted by users and receive this type of “blackmail” from users my response would be much different as SmallBrother does. You would be out within a blink of an eye and gone forever.

Just my two cents.

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Jan de Uitvreter
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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Sun Apr 11, 2021 7:37 pm

Let me get my two cents in here too:

As a old Dutch member (since 2006,) I fully agree with the previous Dutch speaker Martin1964.
In addition to Martin's correctly and honest comment about SmallBrother's appearance, I'd like to say,
that and his forum is a much better and professional place with SmallBrother presence.

If there's one person over here that deserves a statue for his endless (inter)national contribution it could be SmallBrother.

Kind regards, Jan de Uitvreter
Last edited by Jan de Uitvreter on Mon Apr 12, 2021 4:02 am, edited 1 time in total.

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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Sun Apr 11, 2021 10:38 pm

Dear subbetje,

It’s like you are on a crusade, maybe you should read again another post you started at Sat Nov 07, 2020 2:38 pm : viewtopic.php?f=1&t=17319
Adding screenshots does not really help to support your case.

Why don’t you do all these “stupid community members” and your own blood pressure a favor and stop posting comments, maybe delete all you connections with OS and get a better life.

Have a nice day!

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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Mon Apr 12, 2021 1:33 pm

@ Martin1964, Jan de Uitvreter

Thanks for the support, guys, really do.
Slowly slowly this guy is getting on my t*ts.

@ All

For your information:
Martin1964 is a Dutch member of OpenSubtitles for six years and a well-deserved badged Sub Translator with outstanding subtitling skills.
Jan de Uitvreter is a Dutch member of OpenSubtitles for 15 years, translator specialized in Asian languages, specifically Thai, Japanese and Chinese, and subtitling movies in these languages, resulting in quite a few remarkable contributions.

@ Subbetje

Thank you for your typical feedback, once again.
And thank you for leaving. But this time, after 17 times, please stay away forever.
If you need help finding the exit, just ask me.

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Jan de Uitvreter
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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Mon Apr 12, 2021 4:33 pm

@ Martin1964, Jan de Uitvreter

Thanks for the support, guys, really do.
Slowly slowly this guy is getting on my t*ts.
No thanks.
It should be clear that you absolute "don't" deserve such kind of blackmail nonsense.
Just pull yourself together. And try to remember: It's just not worth it, to fight with him.

Cheers, Jan de Uitvreter

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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Tue Apr 13, 2021 12:03 am

Reading this makes me sad.
Sad because we have to defend SmallBrother when he did nothing wrong.
On the contrary, he is an admin that takes his time to welcome newcomers and help oldschoolers alike.
Point us in the right direction with one of his numerous tutorials and try to make it a nice place for everyone.
He already explained several times why it's not a good idea to make requests or say thank you in the comment section.
Maybe the new website does have a separate "thank u section", but in the mean time we need to do it this way.

The comments that he is like a brother of our North Korean friend i totally don't get.
In my experiences he is always in for a discussion, not like a dictator.
He explains, in long epistles, the reasons behind his decisions.
And i can see he treats everyone on equal base.
This while being patient with people who don't deserve his time.

There used to be times with other "admins" in the Dutch section.
Trust me, it's like heaven now.

@ SmallBrother

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Wed Apr 14, 2021 10:38 am

Thanks for your compliments, Skinny1. The things you say are exactly the things I am trying to do. I am glad that some people notice ;-) And thank you for your numerous high quality uploads!

I am working on making my epistles a little bit shorter. Nobody's prefect :lol:

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Mazrim Taim
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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Sun Apr 18, 2021 10:51 am

I'm a little late to the party, but since someone brought this topic to my attention, I can't simply let it go without at least giving my honest and detailed opinion. Late or not.
And fair warning in advance: SmallBrother is not the only one capable of writing lengthy epistles.

Associating someone with Little Rocket Man from North Korea, or accusing them of narcissistic tendencies, or calling them (and I quote:) 'a piece of shit', are reason enough to receive a ban.
At least according to the Forum rules, that are very hard to miss. Slander? Check. Insolent behavior? Check.
So I'd say forum admins have been very accomodating. They gave Subbetje ample opportunity to make and defend his point. The latter he chose not to do by voluntarily leaving the building.

If you feel so strongly about something, you should at least be willing to defend your opinion. In a civilized manner, mind you.
That way you might actually sway people. A discussion could potentially deliver support and favorable results. A rant will never achieve either one.


So, does Subbetje actually have a point in his opening statement? Personally, I would say yes.
Many uploaders here, very seldom received written 'thank you' messages to begin with. And with the new policy in place, that amount has dropped to virtually zero.

True, we have a 'thank you' button that was created precisely for one specific and crystal clear reason: to say thank you.
But still, +1 on the thank-you-button feels like an SMS on your birthday saying: 'Yo, congrats'
Many people, myself included, would rather receive a birthday card. Especially a funny one. The feeling is just totally different.

On the other hand, I really do get why our illustrious admin wants to keep the comment section a communication channel, rather than an additional (and potentially flooding) thank-you-system.
So this is something I can live with, especially because SmallBrother does not apply a hardline approach. He leaves manoeuvring room.
I've seen comments 'survive' saying 'thank you', while at the same time providing extra information. Like indicating a subtitle also works with another release.

And SmallBrother is willing to allow exceptions. Like he did with the last ever episode of Supernatural that I translated and uploaded.

For those who can't read Dutch: I asked if our admin would be willing not to remove written thank you messages, considering it was the last ever episode.
To which I received a positive response. Which clearly indicates that if you do not abuse the manoeuvring room, you receive some leeway. Just be creative and act reasonable.
OS is no democracy, but certainly not a dicatorship, as Subbetje seems to think.


Then the second point Subbetje brought up and the main reason for his public display of anger: requesting a resync using the comment section.
Again I have no choice but to admit he has a point there. He just totally sucks at turning the spotlight on his point. It's all offence (and offensive) and no defence.

I am well aware we have a 'requested subtitles' section that serves exactly this purpose.
And on occasion, when I'm ready to resume translating subtitles after a long absence, I browse through the list of requests to look for something suitable.
This way I was able, in the last couple of years, to fulfill at least four requests.
The documentaries "Do you trust this computer" and "Apollo 11" ... and the movies "Zombieland - Double Tap" and "Torn: Dark Bullets".
And I'm fairly certain that by the end of this year, I will select another request to fulfill. So yes, I know this section exists and I make use of it.

But the problem here is that the only way to know which requests are out there, is to actively go through the list. Not something everyone does. And certainly not all the time.
As a result, many requests remain undetected and unfulfilled for a long time. Propably longer than necessary.

Which leaves two more options for someone looking for a subtitle translation. Either go to someone's profile page and request a subtitle or resync there, or use the comment section for that.
To the best of my knowledge (but I've been out of the loop for a few months now) the first is not a problem. The second is considered a problem.

And like before, I understand the reasoning for considering this form of requesting undesirable.
Which does, however, not resolve the problem. There is a gap between people looking for something and people who could potentially offer a solution.
The question is how to best bridge that gap, without flooding the comment section.

If I may make a suggestion, the admin could give trusted members and sub-translators the freedom to choose (and indicate) if they are willing to receive (resync) requests through other means than the official 'requested subtitles' section.

If that were allowed and those people would be open to the suggestion, they would receive a notification of such a request.
Something like I did with a subtitle I translated two years ago: Apollo 11.
At the time I didn't know if there were (or would be) other versions, so I left a message saying that if people want a subtitle resync, they should just ask for that in the comment section, knowing that I would immediately be notified if and when this happened.


Perhaps a compromise here?
If trusted members and sub-translators leave such a message, then allow requests. After all, the uploaders will then knowingly and willingly have asked for it.
Otherwise, only allow the dedicated 'requested subtitles' section to be used. Such a rule would be clear to follow and clear to enforce.

Either way I do not see a bad admin, like Subbetje does. I experience a very approachable admin doing his utmost best to genuinely make the best of an imperfect situation.

Whatever the rules are or will become, we have to work with them. Just like in real life.
And complaining is allowed. Offering suggestions for improvement too. Just please do so in a civilized manner, dear Subbetje. You'll find people to be a bit more responsive.

And finally: Yes, some uploaders have stopped their 'day to day business' here, but not because we see North Korea looming on the horizon.
People who actually create new work (make subtitle translations from scratch) sometimes need to take a step back to recharge the batteries. Myself included.
Unlike people who's day to day business is scraping subtitles from everywhere and mass-uploading them just to reach the top position with 1000 or 2000 uploads a month. Quantity does not always equal quality and 'retail' is not always better than 'custom'.

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Re: stop removing every freakin comment people make om subtitles

Sun Apr 18, 2021 7:18 pm

@ Mazrim_Taim:

Thanks for the feedback, Mazrim_Taim.
And thanks for the epistle warning :lol:
May I return that warning...?

Although I feel you are on my side in this rather bizarre conflict, I agree that Subbetje has a point, albeit I think his real point is The End of SmallBrother, rather than The Return of Comments, whether thank-you's or requests.

About the written thank-you's, some things were already discussed in the previous contribution of Subbetje. This one is about a whole bunch of issues Subbetje has, but it started as a topic about requests ;-) But anyway, I'll react to your comments and ideas/proposals.

I totally understand that uploaders like to get appreciation for their hard work. And I totally understand that a simple +1 on the thank-you-counter is not the same as a nice written thank you. And on top of that I do realize that a "thank you" is only positive and nothing selfish. So, trust me, it has not been easy for me to limit the thank-you's.

But it is not how you say, that there are/were only very seldom written thank-you's. Yes, a while ago, it was only occasional and then it was no problem. But at some point I noticed a significant increase. Some days it was up to ten times and some users thanked for pretty much every single subtitle they downloaded. I remember one time where one user wrote five thank you's within one hour. I remember several users saying that thank-you's SHOULD be written as comment and that the thank-you button is kind of obnoxious. Reality is, things were getting out of hand. Then I started asking the extreme 'serial-thankers' to limit it a bit. It didn't really help, it already went too far. Apparently every written thank-you by any user was implying "this is how it should be done" and would be an example for others to do the same. And mind you, I am talking about the very simple thank-you's, like "thanks", "thank you", "great, top", or even "ty" (that's two letters instead of one mouse click...). Some users were even bypassing the anti-spam/anti-flood system by making small changes (thank you for the subs / thanks for the subs / thank you for this / thanks for the resync / thank you for this episode). This is when I started to actually delete the written thank-you's.

Have a look at what I recently wrote to a 'serial-thanker'. Or, to cut it short: the conclusion and solution would be to write written thank-you's on the profile page of the uploader. Like this, the uploader still gets a 'personal touch' and a bit more than just a "+1" on the counter, but it is not in anybody's way anymore. Sounds reasonable and a win-win to me.

This last one actually also applies to the written requests. Of course, if the uploader 'allows' others to request subtitles, then this is okay BETWEEN THESE TWO USERS, but it would still be a public comment that other people would 'have' to read without point or reason for them. And, based upon previous experiences, I think many users would not realize the subtle difference and just assume it's okay to request on subtitle pages. So, I would say: if you want, allow users to request, but ON YOUR PROFILE PAGE. Maybe add a direct link to it. Same same: both of you would get what they want, but without disturbing others. Win-win.

Contrary to a written thank-you, a request IS NOT solely positive and it IS asking (subtitles) instead of giving (appreciation). So whatever doubt I may have about written thank-you's, I am pretty strong in my opinion about requests on subtitle pages.

About Subbetje:

As for the latest reaction of Subbetje, once again all he writes is full of incorrect assumptions, twisted conclusions, and thoughts and opinions presented as facts, while they are actually pretty far from being facts. It's pretty hard to react to people screaming over and over again that the earth is flat, and it's all because of me. I am getting pretty tired of proofing that the earth is round.

For example:
● I do *NOT* get notifications if user A writes to user B. I have said this a number of times this, but Subbetje doesn't seem to understand.
● My aim is *NOT* to have less 'work' to do - it would be easier to just ignore every comment, wouldn't it?
● There *IS* a notification system and it working by e-mail, so you don't even need to be logged in. I have said this a number of times, including in this topic, including even a screenshot, but Subbetje doesn't seem to understand.
● Users are not banned "the second they show gratitude". Some users have been banned eventually, if there is no other solution left. And unbanned again, if the problem is solved.
● Nobody is "being banned for the smallest of reasons". In fact, you need to go really really far before I ban someone. Like for example YOU, when falsifying credits, declining an offer to fix it and even laughing about it.
The activity in the Dutch section of OpenSubtitles is *NOT* nearly dead. Years ago when I became admin, the average activity was roughly around 25-30 subs per day or so. Recently the activity has not been less than that. On the contrary, even when not counting the uploads of Subbetje (yes, he is still uploading), the number of uploads is much higher now. Veteran uploaders are still uploading. Old users are 'waking up' again. New users are coming in frequently. The number of VIP accounts is higher than ever before. There are hardly any fights between users anymore - except for a small occasional human irritation once in a while and of course the never ending trouble-making of Subbetje, whether or not using a different alias.
● There is not even a drop of activity by our lovely user Subbetje. Despite his recent promise/blackmail, Subbetje is still uploading, but now anonymously.
● If there is an occasional drop of activity, MAYBE that's a result of for example Subbetje screaming "Google translation!" to a beginner translator making beginner mistakes. And when asking for an explanation about his statement, Subbetje simply doesn't react anymore or gives as 'proof' that the subtitle has the same number of lines as the English subtitle. Imagine: an absolute beginner, just spent 10 hours on making his first subtitle, and then having his 10 hours hard work qualified as a-few-minutes-automated-Google-job... Thanks, Subbetje.

Yes, it's pretty remarkable that Subbetje, despite his promise/blackmail, is still uploading, but now anonymously, see for example the first season of "Luis Miguel". So even in that sense, even in the case of Utter Example Subbetje versus His Great Nightmare Kim Jong-Un The Second, there is no decrease in activity. Oh, the irony...

Anyway, it would be nice if Subbetje would stop spreading incorrect rumours based on deliberate tactics and/or an unhealthy mental state of mind.

Rest me one more thing:
this is one of the reasons this admin isn't fit and is creating a dictatorship.
Funny, how Subbetje posts in the English section of the forum, so the whole world can read along, yet posts his 'proof' as screenshots in Dutch, instead of links or full text. I guess Subbetje doesn't realize people may want to run the text through Google Translate. Or maybe Subbetje don't WANT people to run the text through Google Translate...
Subbetje means this user:

Anyway, Subbetje already mentioned this here. And I already responded to that here. I don't think there is a lot of point in repeating the exact same things, again and again. But okay, Subbetje likes going in circles, I'll dance a bit with him.

There is literally *ONE* user still being banned for writing too many thank you's. The three others were unbanned again after some communication:
Sorry, I don't remember the third one anymore. Maybe it was only two. Damn Alzheimer...

Apparently, this one user "Widmfan7" is not bothered by his read-only status. Which makes sense, because he never ever uploaded even one subtitle. And check out for example his last ten comments. All he writes is short thank you's. Last but not least, he logs in regularly, last time was a few hours ago. So he is still doing what he used to do, except writing those thank-you's. I don't think a lot of harm is done.

Looking forward to your next post, Subbetje.
But please, for once, make sense.

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