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Enhancement Request

Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:40 am

By mistake I did purchase one DVD two times. One is the region 1, the second is region 2. Now it notice the subtitles do not match: I am well aware that converting from NTSC to PAL the length may change - this is a DIFFERENT discussion - i am NOT asking why the length changes when the movie is converted.

What I am talking about is that in the dubbed (german) version there are sections cut out = missing. This is sometimes visible in the beginning of the movie, and very often the end (bloopers are not dubbed). This is easy to fix: using a basic Text-Editor (Notepad, TextEdit) I can remove text from beginning and end. What pisses me off is that there are also scenes missing in the middle. I can see this, because subtitles after: remove text from start, remove text from end, and resync = set new start and end time+fix all captions in between - after all this work the subtitles still don't match. I am subbing a lot (my other half ...) and I see this all the time. A recent example was Tom Thorne part2 (or call it episode 4 to 6 rolled into 1:50 hours ) which I had to re-do entirely using Subler.

If I would upload this subtitle for the dubbed version - how can a user find the correct one ? Many times I have to download all subtitles for a movie - just to find the correct one (because I always rip from original, so have no matching hash). How can a user differentiate my fixed Thorne part2 from the one which is on the web-page already ?

My enhancement REQUEST:
Can you please update the web-page to show not only FPS but also the length of the movie. Length in minutes is good enough; because in my 10 years experience I can say the difference is substantial - never less than one minute. And if it's less than one minute, I can fix it easly be re-sync'ing the subtitles (how to do this is yet another discussion). I do understand from the subtitle-API that you have the time of the movie. And if the uploader did not specify the length of the movie, please at least show the start of the last caption. This would eliminate a lot of usless downloading for me - and I guess there are others who have the same problem. What about people who record from SAT ? Same issue - cannot search using a hash because bytes on PVR depend when you start/end recording.

please consider my request - this would really make the site a LOT more user-friendly; not just for downloaders.

thank you !

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Re: Enhancement Request

Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:10 am


well, we understand the problem. But in 99.99% length of the movie will be not filled out by users, so it is quite useless. You can always write your comments into comments section when uploading (synced for PAL German version, 1h29m movie length etc).

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Re: Enhancement Request

Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:47 pm

Usually there is a tag in the name of the movie or episode: DC (Directors Cut) Ext (Extended version) or Rated / Unrated, Theatrical, International, that way you can see if your movie matches.

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