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Problems faced after hardcoding subs

Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:46 pm

Hay guys,
This is my first forum. I'm not a developer, but I didn't know eher else to post this.
I have created a subtitle file using openSubtitles(DivXLand), the subtitles work greatly when I add them to VLC along with the video or add them as captions to the video uploaded on youtube. Yet whenever I hard code them using VidCoder or HandBrake, the subtitles timing gets messed up. Somehow the next line shows up before it’s time above the line ahead of it and so on. I have checked the timing of each line, they doesn’t intersect. And they work just fine on youtube and on VLC while they are soft-coded. The problem appears when hardcoding.
I hope you can help me fix this.

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Re: Problems faced after hardcoding subs

Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:06 pm

This was not really a API-developers question, so I moved the topic into the general section...

If I understand you well, my wild guess is that the gaps between every subtitle sequence is not large enough, maybe 1 ms or even 0.
VLC is pretty flexible, it will even take subs with gaps of 0 ms. But I would recommend a technical minimum of 50 ms. More 'beautiful' is gaps of at least 125-170 ms (or rather: 3-4 frames)

For example, here the gap is 125 ms:

00:01:04,425 --> 00:01:07,000
The first subtitle sequence.

00:01:07,125 --> 00:01:09,600
And here is line number two.

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