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What about "Trusted" and "Sub Translator" members?

Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:05 pm

On there are some 'badges' which can be given to users. A special one is the badge for "Trusted" member; this badge refers to quality. Another one is "Sub Translator", which refers to quality AND the fact that the user is actually doing translations.


A "Trusted" member:
1. only uploads subtitles which are first checked and found okay,
2. only uploads subtitles which are corrected on punctuation, spelling, grammar and OCR errors,
3. only uploads subtitles which are according to general subtitling guidelines,
4. only uploads subtitles with decent timings and synchronisation,
5. uploads verbatim subtitles if they are in the original spoken language,
6. always includes the correct release name (or other useable reference) and other relevant data (language, IMDb ID, etc.),
7. always has the correct credits included (if known),
8. does not upload (semi-)duplicates,
9. never uploads machine translated subtitles.

Please note that a user became "Trusted" at some point and that older uploads may or may not meet the required standards.

A "Sub Translator" member:
1. only uploads subtitles according to the "Trusted" quality standards as described above,
2. is the translator of all, or a reasonable number of these subtitles,
3. will clearly state it, if the translation is done by someone else (by the upload field "Translator" and the credits within the subtitle file itself),
4. can be an individual, or a translation team.


1. How can I become "Trusted" or "Sub Translator"?
Just upload subtitles according to the "Trusted" standards, and clearly state who is the translator. Eventually we will notice and give you the "Trusted" or "Sub Translator" badge. When this happens you will be notified.

2. Linguistically my subtitles are fine. But how can I check if my subtitles are technically okay?
Very good! Often forgotten are the technical aspects of a subtitle, such as line length, line breaks and minimum/maximum duration. Most forgotten, least 'visible', but maybe most important is the CPS ratio (Characters Per Second). Most subtitle software have an error check feature, but I would recommend Subtitle Edit:
- Check for errors: Tools > Fix common errors... (Ctrl+Shift+F)
- Checking/changing the error detection settings: Options > Settings > TAB General
Values may vary slightly, depending on language and personal preferences. But as rough guideline, you should never exceed these values:
- Maximum line length: 45 characters
- Minimum duration: 1200 ms
- Maximum duration: 6000 ms
- Maximum CPS ratio: 24 CPS
Also synchronisation with the video file should be checked. In Subtitle Edit, add the video pane (Video > Show/hide video) and visualize the synchronisation by adding the wave form pane (Video > Show/hide waveform). As rough guideline (don't forget the CPS ratio), use these values for synchronisation:
- In-cue: -150 ms (fixed)
- Out-cue: +400 ms (flexible, depending on space, CPS, cam changes etc.)

3. A couple of years ago I uploaded some subtitles which are not really good. That means I can forget ever becoming "Trusted" or "Sub Translator"?
Nah, we are not that bad. The idea is that users should be able to trust the high quality of subtitles, uploaded by a "Trusted" or "Sub Translator" member in the recent past and in the future. But of course, it would be nice if you would fix the old mediocre subtitles or add a comment about the lower quality. If they really suck and there are other versions available, maybe even report them to delete.

4. Why would I want to be "Trusted" or "Sub Translator"?
First of all: the honor of being trustworthy and delivering high quality subtitles to the community, even more when you did the translation by yourself. The "Trusted" or "Sub Translator" badge will be next to your username everywhere it appears. Further, you have some advantages while using the site (less banners, pop-ups, ads).

5. Why is user X "Trusted" or "Sub Translator" and user Y is not? Both users make good subtitles.
This could be for many reasons. Maybe we haven't noticed user Y yet. Maybe you did not consider some aspects which we do consider. You could help by rating the quality of subtitles and leave a comment why you think the subs are good or bad. But please, do not ask us for specific discussions about badges for user X or Y.

6. Is the "Trusted" or "Sub Translator" badge forever?
Not necessarily. The "Trusted" or "Sub Translator" badge can be taken away again if the "Trusted" or "Sub Translator" user (repeatedly) violates these guidelines. We will use common sense: one missing dot will not make you loose the badge, but a bunch of subtitles full of OCR errors, Google-ish language or a large number of 30 CPS lines will. Deliberately replacing original correct credits with your own name will make you loose the badge instantly, without warning.

7. Are all the subtitles uploaded by a "Sub Translator" translated by that user?
Not necessarily. One "Sub Translator" will only upload his/her/their own translations, another "Sub Translator" will have a mix of their own translations and subtitles translated by others. However, all subtitles are of high quality.
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Re: What about "Trusted" and "Sub Translator" members?

Thu Mar 05, 2015 6:24 pm

getting trusted status at a point in time does not tell users that all of your uploads from before you were, were "perfect".

That kinda bothered me, but luckily, because I don't aim to upload thousands...
It don't mean I have to correct that many afterward.
Also, I realised that a few of those early uploads I really care about (where LOTS of hard work went into) could be corrected (actually, improved upon).

In my view, getting it as as close to spelling error free is one thing, albeit an important one.
Getting it to the meaning of what was said is a helluvalot more important than just transcribing each and every word.
In a discussion we had elsewhere, Smallbrother told me that having a botched up translation can trick your mind into a rut.
After a few more tips by experienced people like him, one gets to use what one already used... more intelligently.
Actually, I wonder whom of us two helped us to that spark of brilliant conversation °-)

I know that -IF/WHEN- I do not like what I see as subtitle in a commercial dvd (some do not come with anything useful)... I look for sites like OST, and if really nothing is found and the movie truly merits it, I'd even do a translation.
Maybe a partial translation, that depends.

Anyhow, a few of my first registered uploads were just that.
Files I had worked hard on.
Not anonymous resynchs like I had done a few before.

And you know?
I felt it proper to review my first registered, and put some extra work in.
Because I was not in that thinking rut, and because Smallbrother had showed me "waveform cueing", I could actually far more easily make it better.
(I am glad I looked it over.)

Anyhow, I got the feeling that quality counts, and I hope it don't mean quantity.
Kind regards, jt.

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Re: What about "Trusted" and "Sub Translator" members?

Wed Dec 30, 2020 2:39 pm

Is there any way to apply for "Sub Translator" badge?

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Re: What about "Trusted" and "Sub Translator" members?

Wed Dec 30, 2020 8:31 pm

Is there any way to apply for "Sub Translator" badge?
A "Sub Translator" member:
1. only uploads subtitles according to the "Trusted" quality standards as described above,
2. is the translator of all, or a reasonable number of these subtitles,
3. will clearly state it, if the translation is done by someone else (by the upload field "Translator" and the credits within the subtitle file itself),

Talk with the Poland admin : so that afterwards he can see if you meet the requirements and can apply you the badge.

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Re: What about "Trusted" and "Sub Translator" members?

Mon Mar 13, 2023 5:45 pm

Users should be able to rely on the excellent subtitles that have recently been uploaded by a "Trusted" or "Sub Translator" member as well as in the future. Still, it would be wonderful if you could update the shaky subtitles or make a note regarding their inferior quality. If they truly are terrible and there are other options,

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