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'Load subtitle' function in Subtitle Workshop

Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:42 pm

I can’t make my subtitles show/hide when loading a text file in Subtitle Workshop.

Here’s what I did:
1. Translated video into English in a Word document (I had to do it this way because there were editing markups in the original document and it would have taken twice as long to input the translations straight into SW, long story short…)
2. Copy/paste the text into Notepad to save as .txt
3. Then I have tried both of the following to see if I could come up with different results:
a. Save the .txt file with a preceding number and timecode for each line within the file (example: 1[paragraph break]00:00:00,000  00:00:00,000]paragraph break]Text).
b. Save the text file with just the text (no preceding number or timecodes) (example: Text [paragraph break] Text [paragraph break] etc.). When I save the file in this format, I have to load it in SW under ‘Plain text’ in the dialog box. If I open under ‘All supporting files’, the file won’t load.
4. I go to ‘Load Subtitle’ under ‘File’ using option a or b from above.
5. The file loads fine, no problem.
6. I then open a movie, no problems.
7. Then I try to sync the subtitles to the movie by specifying the first and last point that each subtitle should show and hide during the video.
8. On the surface level, everything works fine. I’m able to show/hide the subtitles the way I want.
9. The problem happens when I rewind the video and see whether the subtitles show up when they’re supposed to, and they don’t. The first subtitle shows up, but none of the following subtitles do.

Is there a step missing or do I need to format the text file a certain way, or do I need to manipulate something in SW to make the subtitles ‘stick’ to their show/hide timecodes?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: 'Load subtitle' function in Subtitle Workshop

Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:24 pm

Have you tried THIS, it's much more sophisticated app.


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